WANI Takes Us On A Journey Of Emotions On ‘Lagos City Vice’

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Clean production, great beat selections as well as dope vocals help WANI's debut project, Lagos City Vice become the impressive debut project he needed.

The timing of a debut project often goes a long way in the development of any artist. With the approach the Nigerian music industry employs where attempts are made to break an artist through radio friendly releases, any decision to stray and better discover their sound is often frowned upon. Many times, these releases also come when goodwill has been lost because they’ve been around for long enough not to be the new act everyone wants to see win. One year in, WANI has neither been here for too long nor does he stray from the sound that has attracted the listeners over the past year on his debut project, Lagos City Vice.

Over the six tracks we hear, WANI succeeds at ensuring we feel different emotions and moods which is one of the most tested and proven ways to keep your audience engaged. Opening with 2Face Riddim, the tempo is slowed down as WANI pays homage to an afrobeat legend while he shoots his shot. 

The second track, China Designer is a recreation of Tekno’s Be without ever sounding like Tekno. It’s particularly impressive to see as he shows how two artists can take the same beat and create something entirely different. In some form, China Designer shares similar sentiments to Davido’s Assurance as WANI speaks highly of his lady and assures her of his dedication. 


Third track is Instaman. You should have heard it by now.


What You Like centres around the art of lovemaking. If you hadn’t figured there was an art to it then WANI’s here to let you know you’ve been doing it wrong. 

Inspirations are essential and MVP is proof that Burna Boy and probably Tomi Thomas have some impact on WANI’s sound. It’s also a testament to one of the things that is most important to WANI, his paper and his women. 

The tape’s closing track, 234 is one that’ll have you in your feels if you’ve ever felt strongly about someone and not had the feeling reciprocated. She’s in love and he’s lusting after her, Yoruba boy style. In some form, it’ll have you remembering Usher sounds from the 2000s.


Clean production, great beat selections as well as dope vocals help WANI’s debut project, Lagos City Vice become the impressive debut it shall be. Listen to the tape on Apple Music or Spotify here.

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