Watch Marv, Psycho YP, Ayüü and Zilla Oaks in Apex Village’s ‘Welcome To The Ville’ Video

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Abuja based collective debuted earlier this year with their eponymous project. Home to Zilla Oaks, Marv OTM, Ayüü, Psycho YP, Pablo Herbs, Kuddi and Aar, its the first time for a generation that artists from the capital have come together for the common purpose of pushing the music. With records like Slime and Outta Yo Mind recording over 100,000 streams on streaming platforms, there has been some success at harnessing individual markets for the collective’s success. As they look to continue the break, they share the video for project opener Welcome To The Ville featuring Psycho YP, Ayüü, Marv and Zilla Oaks.

The video features an opening scene from their Capital Block Party performance in July as well as shots on location in Abuja, showcasing some of the hills and mountains synonymous with the city.

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