Watch DJ Juba’s Assurance, A Documentary on Challenges Female DJs Face in Nigeria

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Assurance, a 30-minute documentary birthed out of British-Nigerian DJ Juba’s pursuit for new perspectives in the gender debate is an important look at the experience of being a female DJ in Lagos, through the perspectives of Dj Yin, Sensei Lo and Dj Ayizan.

The Nigerian music industry has emerged as a male-dominated scene and with the stories of these three Djs we get some perspective on how this has become the case. Yin shares her experience moving back and pushing to become a Dj while Sensei Lo talks about the flawed and misogynistic thought she often encounters when she reveals her decision to quit nursing and become a DJ. Ayizan touches on the impact that the likes of Cuppy and her success in the public eye had on helping to open the space for more female djs.

The conversation explores the different ways that women in entertainment face challenges and is a must watch.

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