Watch Episode 7 of Therapy, Cheating Suspicions

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Cheating Suspicions are running wild in this week’s episode of Therapy. Stephanie is at Abiodun’s throat again and this time, it’s about the endless phone calls at odd hours to people with sketchy identities and even more dubious aliases like D.P.O. He’s tried to talk his way out of it, much against Dr. Jude’s prodding. And we all know, even though it’s a Therapy session, talking is not one of ‘Biodun’s strong points…

Have some good laughs with how “pocket dial” used up fifty thousand naira of Abiodun’s airtime, learn a thing or two from Stephanie about extracting your man’s password and maybe ask yourself the question I also have been pondering on; should partners really care about the other’s social activities, who they’re following and so on? Is it healthy for relationships? Or you can take Dr. Zakius’ “divine message” and stay away from “enitin woman”.

Watch Cheating Suspicions:


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