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“Who told you fat is not hungrying me?” Falz AKA Biodun speaks up for the men in this table-shattering episode of Therapy- Food. Sounding off for the distinct group of laid-back married men who can’t be bothered by six-packs or the ordeal of body-building, Abiodun is the butt of this session’s jokes with his absolutely hilarious retorts. But since our guy doesn’t want to “die yet”, he finally opts for Stephanie’s not-so-appealing “diet”.

Dr. Jude does not even mince words on the importance of a healthy lifestyle and self-professed BabyGirl Stephanie is quick to chime in about her waiting alternatives of young, fit, “chocolatey” men. We see a funny resolve as Biodun gives into eating quinoa as opposed to his perfunctory Eba and Egusi. Let’s just hope a skeleton is not sitting in his place at next week’s session.

Watch Episode 8 below:

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