Watch Episode 9 of House 21’s Therapy, Sorry

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YouTube’s most hilarious couple hit our screens this Friday with a whole new problem; apologizing properly. Sorrys are typically more scarce than people make them out to be and as Steph and Abiodun have shown us with their drama in this episode that’s unusually shorter than previous ones, that apologies are even scarcer among married people.
Abiodun took a long, needless journey to get to an apology that never came, and Steph was riddled with all the excuses for why one was unnecessary. When Dr. Zakius said he was sorry for them in the pre-wedding flashback, it all made sense. This marriage thing is the most entertaining bickering session one could ever subscribe for. At least, that’s what Steph and Abiodun are telling us…

Watch the episode below:

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