Watch New Episode of The Men’s Club, Broken Promise

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The heat rages on in the just-released episode of The Men’s Club titled Broken Promise. This time, there’s no resolution in sight except for Aminu who has since been trending on social as the master of romance and love affairs.

The other members of our TMC party are not having it as rosy as the freshly reunited couple or the mismatched pair of Lanre & Lola’s mother whose affairs we didn’t get a glimpse into. Watch Louis and his love take the highroad to each other, see Tayo chase Tiara down, and watch the gleeful upstaging of Jasmine AKA Promise, as her carefully-laid plans gradually come apart. Aminu and Tumi definitely take the day with the reconciliation we have been waiting endlessly for in an exciting turn of events.
Get the entire pre-weekend scoop below:

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