Watch New Episode of The Men’s Club, “Sometimes Love Is Not Enough”

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This week, the eighth episode of The Men’s Club by Red TV comes with all the drama and intrigue that relationships are constantly plagued with. In what seems to be a succession of miscommunication, all our screen faves are making hard and fast choices, and there’s no one to blame but the brilliant writer of the series, Dami Elebe, who goes on a compulsory but temporal recess at the release of each new episode.

Titled “Sometimes Love Is Not Enough”, we see Lanre fall back into the arms of Lola’s mother and Louis struggle with getting estranged from his family. Meanwhile, Aminu’s dogged pursuit of Tumini is giving viewers all the feels and Tiara and Tayo have reached a crossroad we never saw coming. For all the plot thickening of last week, we have new resolutions and even fresher problems. Communication between partners seems to be the prevalent lesson in this engaging episode with its thread of conflicting personalities, emotional traps and the pitfalls of the art of deception.

Watch the 40-minute episode below:

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