Watch ‘Scar’ the third Short film from Accelerate’s 2019 Filmmaker Project

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Watch ‘Scar’ the third Short film from the 2019 Accelerate Filmmaker Project

Miriam Dera’s Scar is one of the five finalists of the 2019 Accelerate Filmmaker Project. The film was voted the best Accelerate Filmmaker short film at the 2019 African International Film Festival (AFRIFF).

Scar explores the effects of low self-esteem.  It follows a reclusive lady, Efezino, tasked with pitching a client at work, is not confident about doing the presentation but she must do it or forfeit her job.

The story follows her struggles with self-esteem from an early age. In the opening scene, we meet a younger Efezino being demoralized by her mum for not coming first in class. Subsequent scenes show the ghost of her mum’s words haunting her.

Scar stars Harriet Akinola and Tope Olowoniyan. Watch below on Youtube.

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