Watch The New Episode of House 21’s Therapy, “Bad Habits”

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“Bad Habits” in marriages are the focal point for this week’s edition of  House 21’s new show, Therapy.  This fifth installment of the show sees couple Steph and Abiodun haggle their most mundane domestic squabbles with their gossipmonger of a therapist, Dr. Saka and most of these issues are honestly, the most ridiculous things you ever heard.


See the hilarious cast of three discuss the old couples’ debate on bathroom seats, the not-so subtle art of of using toothpaste tubes and the apparently off-putting habit of wearing bonnets during sex. The banter goes down and dirty on nitpicking, being finicky and all the tiny unflattering habits in a marriage that drive couples apart and interestingly, brings them all the more closer.

Watch the Bad Habits episode below:

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