The Teaser for ‘Her’ Engages With The Challenges of The Girl Child

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teaser for Her

In the teaser for Her, we see two men sexualizing a child because she is now menstruating. One of the men with a Hausa accent says, “Bukky Bukky, I don turn big girl fa…” then he turns to his friend, “Adamu, the girl don ripe.” They both laugh cheekily. The Hausa accent alludes to the fact that child marriage and abuse is more prevalent in Northern Nigeria. Bukky (Ruby Akubueze) is a 14 year old experiencing her first menstrual period, but her food-seller mum, played by Radio OAP, Lolo, cannot afford sanitary pads.

The short film, inspired by true events, focuses on issues such as child abuse, child marriages and stigmatization attached to menstruation. Watch the teaser below.

The film also looks at feminist women who are passionate about women issues and aren’t afraid to lend their voice and platform in support. Halima, played by Teniola Aladese, is one of such women.

Her is written by Mannie Oisemoye and Abdul TJ. AMVCA winner, Michael ‘AMA Psalmist’ Akinrogunde helms the short. The film is put together by The Conversation Café, a community organization that provides a safe space for transformative and educative dialogues.


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