Watch The Trailer For ‘1929’: A Movie On The Historic Women’s Rights Struggles In South East Nigeria

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For decades, women have been for fighting for equality in every sphere of society. While the Western plights have come to define the different waves of feminism, movies such as 1929 narrate the bravery and strength of the women who lived in Nigeria’s harsher times.

Based on the Aba Women’s Riots  — 1929 depicts the lives of a few local women who take matters into their own hands, bravely fighting those in power in order to gain equal treatment to their male counterparts and end the subjugation of their fellow women

The trailer for the new film, details the story of the 1929 Ikot Abasi and Opobo women unrest which claimed the lives of many women and protesters across eastern Nigeria.

The movie specifically sheds light on the role played by the Ibibio and Annang women in stopping women’s taxation by their colonial masters, particularly the women from Ikot Abasi, Opobo division.

Among those in the cast are Emman Etukudo, Enobong Ekwere, Sola Sobowale, Ireti Doyle, Sam Dede, and Nancy Bassey.

‘1929’ is expected to debut in cinemas across Nigeria on April 19, but till then, watch the trailer here.

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