Watch the trailer for avant-garde Black Lady Goddess

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Black Lady Goddess, a humorous avant-garde time period drama about a female black God, has shared its colourful official trailer.

The soon-to-be-released show is set in 2040, and described as a “satirical afro-futuristic” tale, was created by Nigerian filmmaker, Chelsea Odufu.

Heavily inspired by the Dogon Tribe of Mali, Black Lady Goddess creates a world where the ultimate, all-powerful figure is a woman in a departure from the usual representation of God in Western canonical literature according to the show creator.

“[Black Lady Goddess] follows the life of young activist Ifeoma Washington who is coming into her own in this time period where humans have not only found out that God is a Black woman but after reparations in the amount of $455,000 has been issued to each person of African descent,” the official synopsis reads.

The first season consists of eight 22-minute episodes, created, directed and written by Odufu and written and produced by Emann Odufu.

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