Watch the Trailer for Fatimah Binta Gimsay’s ‘Yasmeen’

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‘No Means No’ has been one of the rallying calls focused on the end of sexual violence against women. Nigerian women continue to experience this violence in various shapes and forms no thanks to our backward system. It doesn’t help that the films and content we consumed in the past enforced these harmful notions.

Thankfully, more women in Nollywood are changing the narrative for a much-needed paradigm shift. It’s not news that the world is unsafe for women – from the familiar predators in their homes to the strangers on the street. 

What does a woman fleeing assault do when she ends up in a more precarious situation with a friend? Written by Fatimah Gimsay (Enakhe, Riona, Man Of Her Dreams), Yasmeen is a short film starring Lota Chukwu & Olaye Benjamin. The film follows the story of the eponymous character who witnesses a sinister turn of events when she’s unable to answer one simple question. 

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