Watch This Week’s Episode of The Men’s Club, Game Over

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It’s Game Over in this week’s episode of The Men’s Club and we almost despaired that the inevitable finale was finally here. Thankfully, Queen of plot twists and writer of the series, Dami Elebe has soundly assured an agog audience that we’re still three episodes away from the grand jaw-dropper.

This rather intense episode took us on a heart-wrenching trip through Tayo and Tiara’s bittersweet resolve, Louis and Lola’s adorable romance, Lanre’s karma, and the mother of all resolutions for Tumi, Aminu, and Jasmine. Falling and learning seem to be the rule of the love game and we’re just happy to see a flaming hope for all our favorites and a fitting end to the build-up of deceit, suspense, and intrigue. All I’ll say is, Tayo’s move still calls for a serious conversation regardless of their heartwarming reconciliation.

Watch the 40-minute episode below:

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