Watch This Week’s Episode of The Men’s Club, Son Of A Garba

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The tables have finally turned in this week’s episode of The Men’s Club, Son of a Garba. We finally know what it’s like to be able to confront the opposition and even though it doesn’t feel as gratifying as I’d thought it would, having Jasmine’s pretty claws off Aminu is giving Twitter joy

Aptly titled, Son of a Garba rouses serious questions as we see the child factor play a crucial role in the course of a few solid relationships. Aminu and Tumi are thankfully in the clear even though there are the former’s unresolved feelings as regards the newly-discovered truth of his child’s paternity. Deceitful Jasmine has put some ideas in Tonye’s head and we’re worried about the fate of Lola and Louis’ relationship even though we know they are in love. Lanre’s restraining order as issued by his lover’s daughter and Tayo’s indecisiveness have had us all gritting teeth and using a few unsavory expressions.  As the tension builds towards the finale, so does our anticipation as we are more convinced than ever that if there’s any saving to be done, the men of TMC are all out of steam.

Watch Son of a Garba below:

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