Watch This Week’s “Mother-In-Law” Episode of Therapy

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Toke Makinwa AKA Stephanie is rattling tables in today’s episode of Therapy. As the title suggests, the matter of the “Mother-in-law” is one of the many riddles that African marriages try to solve. Many do this with no luck and so we were quite prepared for this week’s very dramatic session.

Oblivious Abiodun and poor Stephanie tackle the apparent third wheel in their marriage on the couch this Friday.  Sifting through uncomfortably familiar matters that arise with many Yoruba mothers-in-law, the hilarious ten-minute reel stresses the importance of togetherness in marriages while also demonstrating the pervasiveness of patriarchy in Africa. Seems like the issue of “Maami” is above even the good Dr. Jude’s paygrade as he sips his Hennessy in helplessness.

Middle ground is possible for this interestingly-paired couple in this round of therapy. Or is it not?

Find out below:

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