Watch Wizkid And Tems Breathe Life Into Lust And Love In Video For ‘Essence’

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Wizkid and Tems are undoubtedly a pair made for each other, Made In Lagos standout, Essence was the first indication of their profitable partnership and in the just-released video, their characters and strengths bounce off each other so much that the reinforcement of their compatibility is a discovery.

The pair have attitudes and auras about them that complement each other. While Wizkid is ever lax, Tems delivers with a bit more energy and this is the case in the DK of PriorGold Pictures directed video. Wizkid lounges, articulating his now-famous lines comfortably while Tems moves with more purpose, audacity, and sexiness.

Despite the difference in their ranking, their natural chemistry allows for a seamless performance.


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