Five Times Wavy The Creator Took Us To Space Through Music Videos

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Wavy The Creator’s name is not a thing of chance. It’s a well-thought-out three-word summary of her frame, one that houses a colorful, psychotropic persona very big on otherworldly creative wells of inspiration. Perhaps a result of duplicity of cultures big on creative diversity or just mere interests, but this persona has manifested itself in so many unconventional ways that have challenged norms in the industry, inspired conversations about its possibility and existence, and put the artist on a pedestal despite a flitting presence in the industry.

As Wavy The Creator makes a much-anticipated return to the scene this month, we’re reminded of the many times she mesmerized fans and viewers with abstract experiments that resulted in videos, too detailed and artsy to be deemed music videos but too short to be deemed movies.

Wavy The Creator’s videos in summary can be described as immersive experiences with strong leanings on extraterrestrial elements that posit her as a creator of some sort. From the found footage styled video for 2017 hit, H.I.G.H, directed by Falomo and SAN to the heady video for Shaku, she has proven to have the ET elements on lockdown and in no particular order, the following are five times Wavy The Creator has taken us to space in her videos.


Directed by Wavy The Creator herself, the video for the very personal Stay is another dimension in and of itself. A microcosm of the singer’s mind, it’s no wonder it’s a combination of so many heady elements powerful enough to launch viewers into the extra-terrestrial spaces she draws inspiration from.


A product of her co-direction with Netti Hurley, this video is all amped up by dense but alluring lightning washing over several montages of Wavy The Creator, Flohio, and their muses in mind-altering spaces, immersive enough to draw her viewers into the box she exists in for the duration of the song.


One of her very first attempts at unconventional videos, the Falomo and SAN-directed video for H.I.GH, gets a special mention, despite her neophyte status as a nonconformist in the industry at this time. The retroactivity that clouded the video was just enough to let us into the wonder, that is her creative mind.

Body Deep

This video takes place in London, in the year 2032, and with the number of future depictions we’ve witnessed through Hollywood movies for years on end, Body Deep edges close to award-winning movies that have snatched accolades for cinematography, make-up, and graphics, all of which Wavy The Creator has on lockdown in the Meji Alabi directed video.


The sweltering nature of this single contributes to the hypnotic state viewers are thrown into, from start to finish.

With a consistently laudable run, Wavy The Creator can be described as an enigma machine who dreams up other-worldly scenarios manifested as futuristic videos.