The Wedding Party 2 Trailer Feels Awfully Similar

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While many have criticized The Wedding Party for its plot holes and relatable but incomplete story, the trailer for the sequel is here and it looks like it’s about to be as aesthetically pleasing but also full of twists and turns which ideally should characterize any drama.

After Deidra says yes to what she assumes is a proposal from Nonso, the Onwuka’s and their new in-laws the Cokers prepare for a ceremony which shall take place in Dubai but comes with its fair share of family battles and controversies reminiscent of those we encountered in the initial movie.

The addition of Patience Ozokwor who looks to be playing the role of Nonso’s grandmother looks like it will play out as a pleasant one and add a layer of conflict that cannot hurt.

The trailer however looks like we might be in for almost the same movie as the original with the only major differences being the nature of the proposal and the fact that Nonso doesn’t look like he’ll be promiscuous in the same vein as Dozie. We’re hopeful that those as well as the location aren’t the only differences.

The Wedding Party 2 movie will be in Nigerian cinemas on December 15th but till then, enjoy this new trailer which builds on anything you may have seen in the past.

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