Westway’s Mayowa Debuts With ‘Spiritual Love’

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Two things are sure with Nigerian musicians. Right before Christmas, there will be a wave of new music as we’ve come to accept that the money to be made from shows during that season is unlike anything they’re likely to see year round. The only other thing that will 100% always happen is an onslaught of love songs will drop right around Valentine’s Day. Recently launched entertainment company, Westway’s flagship act, Mayowa plays along with his debut release under Westway, Spiritual Love.

The message really doesn’t get any simpler than this. Mayowa is a lover boy who wants his girl to give him all the love she can and he intends on ensuring she gets a reciprocal experience. He longs for her touch and visualises the experiences he will entertain her with.

A decent debut, let’s see where he goes from here.


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