What does A PR Music Agency Actually Do?

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No one starting out in the music industry ever complained about having too much money to throw around, and when you’re considering something like promotion, it can be tempting to think about doing it yourself to help save on costs. 

However, anyone taking the solo route to marketing will quickly discover that there are very good reasons why you should employ the services of a good digital PR agency. They can be the difference between clicking refresh on YouTube to see how many people watched and liked your new video in the last four and a half minutes, and getting national (and international) attention. 

They Know Who To Send You To

Back in the day, things used to be a lot simpler for new bands starting out, if not necessarily easier. If you wanted to get noticed, you needed to be played on the radio, and you needed to be featured in one of the big music magazines. Now, there are barely any music mags left as the combined forces of the decline in print readership and the Coronavirus pandemic has led to some of the most respected titles closing their doors for good. However, there are still plenty of music journalists out there fighting the good fight and the right person getting hold of your music can still be make all the difference. The right PR agency will know who to send your work to and how to present you.

They Know Where You Should Be Played

It’s not enough to simply upload a video on YouTube and start spamming the social media channels. Anyone who has ever run an online campaign will tell you that blasting your message relentlessly into the void of Twitter, for example, will never get you the results you need if you do not have a properly refined strategy. A good music PR firm will know where your audience is, just as they will understand where the right place to send a press release. So, while you may have uploaded your EP to Spotify, a PR firm like Now Listen PR has made Spotify playlist promotion a core part of their strategy. You can read more about their approach and ethos here: https://nowlistenpr.com/spotify-playlist-promo. 

They Know That It Might Not Happen Overnight

Every musician has the dream of the overnight discovery, of the demo landing in the hands of the right person at the right time that will change everything. Of course, while these miracle stories are sometimes based in fact, it is much more likely that you are going to be in it for the long haul. If you decide to hire a digital PR specialist, you are paying for someone who will go the extra mile, who will not be discouraged, who will keep banging on those doors and will try different approaches while they’re doing so. And that is what a lot of it boils down to, really, the fact that you are signing a contract with someone who believes in you and who will go that extra mile to get your music out there while we wait for live venues to return. 

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