What Should You Consider Before Moving For A Job?

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So, you’ve achieved your goal of securing a new job. However, it requires you to move. 

There are many people that find themselves faced with the need to relocated at some point in their careers. It’s definitely not an easy decision either.

If you’ve been offered a promotion but have been told you need to relocate in order for you to be accepted and are having a difficult time saying yes, have a look at this guide for your decision-making process: 

Think About Your Relationship Status

Maybe this isn’t this first thing that comes to mind, however, it’s one of the most important areas for you to consider. If your single and without children then this decision is made a lot easier, purely because you have more flexibility to move for a position. At the end of the day, it’s only your independence that’s affected. But, if you are in a relationship, have kids or married then obviously more than one life is going to affect by the move. You need to think about things like family, friends, schools, and your partner’s own career before committing to anything. 

Are they in a position that they’ve been working really hard to secure? Are they are to relocated too? Or would they struggle to find another job in the new location? Try having a look at job listings with your partner to lock down all your options, and speak to them about whether or not it’s something that they are willing to do. This is definitely one of the most important things to consider before you start to look for a property in your new location. 

Research The Company 

The job that you’ve been offered might be everything that you’ve been working towards but how much do you really know about the company? You need to know and understand the company values, beliefs, protocols, stability, and their vision. You should look at things like their financial situation, the opportunity for further promotion, and whether they are viable for at least the next five years. If they don’t tick the right boxes, it might not be worth taking the risk. Included in this think about your personal salary and financial needs. 

Your New Cost Of Living 

Ok, so your move means that you are getting a promotion or new career route and this normally means more money. But what else is there to consider? Well, the cost of living, is something that can change from destination to destination and by quite a considerable amount in some cases. Even if your salary is higher, you have to think about whether your cost of living is also going to higher. In an ideal world, you would earn more money and the cost of living would drop, however, it doesn’t always work out this way. At times you may find that the wage is higher because in that location the cost of living is higher. Have a look at areas like rent/mortgage costs, traveling costs, and food bills. 

The Stress of Moving

This might not seem all that important to some, but you should take the time to consider all that goes into a relocation. From the costs through to finding a new place or find a new school. If you’re thinking about renting then you need to make sure you can secure one miles from your home or even in a different country, otherwise you will find yourself paying out a fortune in hotel bills. 

Speak To Your Colleagues

Think about whether anyone in your company has made a move similar to the one that you’re considering, could they offer any advice? They could be your most valuable asset when it comes to the real-life experience of what relocating for a job is actually like. If you’re moving within your company, the advice could be even more valuable. Companies at time gloss over the finer details of a move and make it sound as appealing as possible because they want you to take the position on offer. Your colleague may be more truthful and be able to fill in any gaps. 

Visit Your Potential Location 

The internet and pictures are wonderful, however, you are never going to really know what an area is like until you have visited it yourself. Before you accept any new job offer, it’s important for you to visit the potential location, after all, you are planning on continuing and living your life there. Plan a trip, and try to spend longer than a weekend there, practice your commute, have a look at some properties, and if possible see if you can visit the office. The best way for you to get the feel of a new location is to experience it yourself rather than digitally. 

These six areas are all important for you to consider before you move for a new job, have you been offered a promotion or new job that requires you to move? Is there anything else that you are thinking about before you commit? Please share some of them in the comments below. 

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