‘Buried’: What We Know About The Charles Obi Emere Movie Debuting On Amazon Prime

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Over the years, Nollywood projects continue to gain impressive international recognition with no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Charles Obi Emere’s 2021 short film Buried falls under this category. The project appears to have struck the right cords, scoring a debut on Amazon Prime while also bagging an Africa International Film Festival (AFRIFF) nomination. Here is what we know about the movie Buried ahead of its Amazon Prime Debut:

About Buried 

Emere’s Buried is a 2021 Nollywood short film produced by Chinyere Ohuonu (MultiChoice Talent Factory & New York Film Academy alum) and shot by Adeniyi Joseph, another MultiChoice Talent Factory alum. This movie recounts the tale of Ekanem, a 33-year-old who is bereft and has plans to return home to pay his last respects and perform the funeral rites of his deceased brother, but first, he has to fix his relationship with his father and sister whom he has been alienated from for several years. Buried is based on true life events and was inspired especially by real events in Charles Obi Emere- the writer’s life as he nearly lost his brother to a substance overdose. For its cast, Buried stars Seun Ajayi in the lead role alongside other actors like Belinda Yanga-Agedah and Toyin Oshinaike. Writer and director of Buried Charles Obi Emere has made it known that his goal is to elevate Africa’s global reputation with his stories as his works are recognized for having the raw and untamed beauty of Africa on display. The 12-minute length film happened to be the only west African film to be nominated at the 2021 AFRIFF in the Best Short Film category.

‘Buried’ up for Debut on Amazon Prime

The release of Trifocal Studios’ initial project as an audiovisual company on Amazon Prime Video has marked its entry into the Nigerian film industry. Trifocal Studios has the talented Charles Obi Emere as its founder with the experienced Chinyere Ohuonu as its cofounder who both collaborated to produce Buried tagged their ‘most ambitious project in 2021. The movie Buried had its world premiere at the 10th edition of the Africa International Film Festival (AFRIFF) where it was nominated for the best short film category of the festival. The music score of the trailer and film was done by The WongFaeHong Production Company and Avanode Momo with Ayodele Onyekachi Banjo as Post Production Consultant.

Trifocal Studios has revealed that Buried is the first on the lengthy list of their upcoming projects. This 2021 Nigerian short movie is one of the growing number of new licensing deals Amazon has signed with major studios including Anthill and Inkblot. The movie is currently streaming on Amazon Prime.