Which Nollywood Y2K baddie Are You?

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Calling all the baddies! The retro style from the late 90s and early 2000s also known as Y2K is back again, bringing out the inner baddies in the ladies all around the world. From low-rise denim to halter necks, to dark lip liners and mini denim or leather skirts, Nigerian girls are showing out. From players, lover girls to strong, bossy characters who didn’t like suffer, here is how to tell which Nollywood Y2K baddie you are:

Rita Dominic

You are the baddest chick on the block and everyone wants to be like you. You are for the streets; relationships and men are not your priority, the bag is, which could be an issue because you would be missing out on real love. You can never be caught thirsting after men or craving marriage. You are forgiving and have a low tolerance for nonsense. Enjoyment is your lifestyle and there is never a dull moment with you. You are a player and heartbreaker. You come first before anyone else and always do not want anyone to control you.

Ini Edo 

You are a baddie and when it concerns your wants and needs, you are assertive and a go-getter. The word “No” is not in your vocabulary and you would rather apply pressure to get what you want than let it slip away. If you take an L, you bounce back quickly. Fashion and sex appeal are your forte. With you, nobody’s man is safe. You exert dominance, especially in relationships with the opposite sex and you are allergic to stingy men. 

Genevieve Nnaji

You are a feminist and don’t mince words when you call out men on their bullshit. If it’s not the baby girl lifestyle, you do not want it. You are the leader of the girl group, confident, smart and savvy. No one can finesse you, it is usually you doing the finessing. You are very confident, fierce and your aspirations are great. You believe in your sauce and you do not take bullshit likely. Double-crossing you is a death wish. 

Benita Nzeribe

You are seductive. You are also a mean girl, keeping it real with a dash or two of insults. Poverty does not interest you and you are quick to eliminate any sign of hardship in your life. You are caring but come across as insensitive when trying to give advice and your high-pitch does not help matters. Your friends might be scared to disagree with you. 

Kate Henshaw

Your goody two shoes can be mistaken for your naivety. You are the good girl in a girl group. Always optimistic and positive. You give your friends good advice and when they don’t listen to you, you are still there for them. You are very smart. You get heartbroken because you give people multiple chances. 

Stephanie Okereke Linus

You are flirtatious and focused on what you want. Criticisms don’t get to you. You are a lover girl and sometimes you get heartbroken. You are all about the action and the finest things of life. Lecturer or not, if someone messes with you, it’s over.

Oge Okoye 

There is ‘broke’ and there is ‘cheap’. You don’t like either but cheap aggravates you. You make it clear when you do not fancy a man and do not have time for games. You know you are pretty and if you are not getting what you deserve, you are quick to flag it away. You are not naive and you go for what you want.

Clarion Chukwura

An unbothered Queen, you have a bossy aura and love to be in charge. You are seductive and a risk-taker. One man is not enough for you because you believe in multiple streams of income. Messing with you or disrespecting you is a wrong move for whoever is brave enough. Everything for you is business.

Eucharia Anunobi

You think ten steps ahead and your guard is always up. You are street smart and vocal about your desire or opinions. You aim to win and would do anything to achieve your goals even if it takes a long time. You are business-minded and assertive when you need to be. You can’t be caught broke. You are focused and don’t like to be belittled.

Uche Jombo

You are assertive and aggressive especially when you are upset. You struggle to get your point across when you are aggravated so you get out of control and resort to causing chaos. You are dramatic and it doesn’t end well for men who toy with your heart. You are more of a lover girl than a player.

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