Whoisakin’s Debut EP ‘Full Moon Weekends’ Is A Sophisticated Masterpiece

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The industry has witnessed a myriad of debuts these past few months; EPs, albums, and singles. While some have failed to hold water, others are charged with timeless elements that indicate commendable qualities one cannot ignore. Whoisakin’s debut EP, Full Moon Weekends is one of those.

Delivered in the same tone an experienced artist will take, Full Moon Weekends reeks of sophistication, talent, and a strong personality that draws life from Whoisakin’s exquisite attitude towards his limitless sound that borders on a perfect mix of RnB and Fuji. On the five-tracks in fact, he cracks a hard nut to deliver the sweet essence nested in the middle, which is a new sound as irresistible as the muses who inspire each of the five tracks.

On each song, Whoisakin’s Fuji tinged vocals sweeps over the soft synthesized percussions that powers the spellbinding tracks. A personal favorite, the Olayinka Ehi assisted Magic, is the silky, free-flowing cut that fully represents the union of all Whoisakin’s influences. But the standout track, +234, which features a heavier bass beat, is an impressive performance that reveals just how boundless his sound is.

Emotions are bound to rise along with the fluctuating tempo of each track and each listener is guaranteed a rise or more out of the five tracks, impressive benefits from a debut project.


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