Fireboy DML Joins WSTRN On Sound Sprawling ‘Be My Guest’

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More than anything now, Nigerian musicians are enjoying attention from their foreign counterparts who seem to have struck gold in the goldmine that is the industry’s talent pool. Fireboy DML is top on the list at the moment, with a WSTRN collaboration on the British Afroswing group’s latest, Be My Guest.

Although largely comprised of Britons with African heritage, the three-man group is based in the United Kingdom and this juxtaposition of cultures in their biographies makes for the cocktail sound they’ve been offering since breakout hit, In2. With Fireboy’s signature inflections plus the charm and confidence that accompanies it, WSTRN has a swirling mix on their hands.

Supported by a heady mix of jazz drums, stringy acoustics, and biting keys, the eclectic quartet draw us in by means of galvanic instrumental, an intoxicating story bound to make any listener feel as special as their muse and the blend of varying genres that are somehow cohesive when put together.

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