Wurld Fuels The Fire Of ‘Afrosoul’ With A Deluxe Offering

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Wurld leverages the fluidity of his earlier released acclaimed project, Afrosoul today by keying into the spontaneity he’s known for with a deluxe version of the feel-good project. Previously a seven-tracker, this revamp offers two additional tracks titled Bossy and Chop ‘N’ Pray respectively, two cuts hinged on his perfected Afrofusion sound.

Taking over from National Anthem (Growing Wings) as the opener, Bossy is a more befitting and sturdier introduction to a project that’s rooted in a fusion of Afropop and Soul. The layered percussions akin to Xylophones combined with snares and Wurld’s lush delivery juxtaposed with Kida Kudz’s gruff Pidgin articulated offering is a strong nod to the project’s overarching theme. With it’s mid-tempo and the easiness with which the duo deliver their parts, Bossy makes for a perfect feel-good opener closed off by a Cuppy powered interlude that will most definitely put a smile on the face of their listeners.

Chop ‘N’ Pray also follows the same path but leans more on Wurld’s Afrofusion trope. We still find him appreciating his muse’s features and confessing his love but this time, his approach is headier and character aligned. It’s heightened slinkiness takes nothing away from the project’s general lull.

All in all, the revamp is a welcome development, uncalled for but acceptable in that it fuses well with the preexisting theme.


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