Wurld pours his heart out on Paranoid

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Top of the list of the new wave of Alternative musicians lighting the industry on fire with their extraordinary and unconventional sonic releases is Wurld whose memorable single: Show You Off was the deserving induction into the industry his art needed to mark the beginning of an onslaught of mesmeric and creative releases.

The intermission between each of his releases can be said to be the factor that decides the quality of each new track. After taking a break from the scene for a few months following the release Contagious, he returns today with a Flutey acoustics led rendition of a love ballad titled Paranoid that offers his listener an out pour of his emotions strummed along with pensive bass guitars that presses upon the psychedelic nature of the track which is projected in his emotive velvety bass vocals.

With every release, Wurld proves to be that breath of fresh air the creative sector of the Alternative scene in our industry needs and deserves and we can’t wait to see what more he has in store for us.

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