YBNL 2.0 comes to the fore on New Single ‘Asibina’

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Last year, Olamide wisely amassed a talent pool of street rappers for his record label; a decision he billed as a move to build the next generation of indigenous hip hop artists in Nigeria. Following the scouting and signing of about 4 artists, Olamide made another move to seal the deal, in form of a joint mixtape titled YBNL MaFia Family forming a hybrid of the old and new of YBNL.

Now, in a bid to mark the evolution of his decision, Limerick, Yomi Blaze and Picazo reprise their roles as the lucky pawns in a game of kings with a new single titled Asibina.

While the trio play with unfamiliar words on Asibina that allude a number of subjects, delivered in aggressive flows and atop a pulsating soundscape, we’re pulled into what could become the next street anthem.


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