YCee Concludes YCeeVsZaheer With Quarantine Inspired ‘Quarantunes’

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YCee is the latest to hop on the Quarantine inspired music train with a two-part single titled Quarantunes, a conclusion to his earlier released sophomore project, YCeeVsZaheer on which he exists as himself and alter ego in parallel dimensions.

On the first track, Midf (Money I Dey Find), YCee grittily delivers a manifesto that encompasses his desire to make money and relegate other pursuits. As usual, he takes time out to touch on his wavering status in the industry, working the resounding bass beats to the maximum.

Tell Nobody, the second track is more melody inclined, pointing to YCee’s newfound penchant for experimentalism as evidenced in the fusion of soft EDM with the Pop dominant instrumental. More mellow and sensual than its predecessor, Tell Nobody is the better mood lifter of both tracks, combining YCee’s hitmaking abilities with his capacity to intoxicate his listeners with his smooth vocals and even more suave delivery.

Unlike the myriad of quarantine inspired singles we’ve heard since the lockdown, YCee’s double dose is packed with sounds and narratives for the prominent emotions felt this season.

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