Yemi Alade shares another upbeat single from her upcoming album, ‘Bounce’

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Steadily sailing with her Mama Africa title, Yemi Alade has travelled through years of competing in an industry that doesn’t favour women quite comfortably. Though uncertainty featured heavily in her beginnings, understanding the market and her fan base helped secure an enviable spot for her in the industry, one that has not only made her continentally renowned but has won her awards and afforded her profitable affiliations. It’s with this same vim that she has poured our singles in the past months, actions that will ultimately culminate in an album titled Woman Of Steel that will be released very soon. As she continues to build anticipation for the project, she shares yet another single Bounce.

The lyrically sparse and unimpressive track is a head nod to the rising trend of dubstep Afrohouse instrumentals. With influences from a range of cultures, Yemi Alade builds on the quick rhythms of the song to get her listeners moving.

Yemi Alade clearly knows her onions and while she might not be your favorite African Pop Star, her knowledge of her market has gotten her this far and helps build anticipation for her coming project which will be released soon.


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