Yinka Bernie’s Debut EP, ’19 and Over’ Is Well Worth The Wait

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yinka bernie

Most who pay attention to the new generation of artists who’ve leveraged the internet in their thrust to the eyes of the public know Yinka Bernie. Bernie alongside the likes of GMK, Odunsi, Tay and Nonso Amadi are some of the artist-producers whose duality most people admire and wish for as it allows one to cut out unnecessary collaborators. Like most people, obsessed with ensuring their work is perfect before it makes it way into the public eye, Yinka Bernie pushed his debut EP, 19 and Over, a couple days back to guarantee its faultlessness. While we don’t know what it may have sounded like before the decision was made, the finished product is all we need to determine that he made the right choice.

The EP is a melting pot of diverse sounds and is surely for minds way over 19. There are no two tracks that sound alike, and every single track listened to is like a vortex that leads to a reality light-years away from our reality.

It features some alluring vocals from Bernie himself and other artists like Lady Donli. If there is any unconventional way to begin a project, Not the intro is surely that way. A little journey down the line too, you witness songs like Subconscious Flashes and Aura Stir that make you reflect on everything you may have going on. With a project that can only be premised to emanate from an original, deep, and peculiar place, Bernie does a phenomenal job on 19 & Over.