Yinka Bernie And Joyce Olong Are Mental Health Advocates On ‘It’s Okay To Cry’

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A while ago, Yinka Bernie and Joyce Olong, poets and performers at heart shared a stage at Afropolitan Music Festival, barely two years later with a handful of tracks released between both star artists, they return as a compatible couple nurturing a crucial subject on It’s Okay To Cry.

Coming from a culture steeped in the perceived undaunting persona of its followers, Yinka and Joyce are surprisingly open-minded, raw and realistically honest on what we term a mental health anthem. Combined with Joyce’s honeyed vocals, Yinka’s supple articulation and the atmospheric aura his synthesized Piano dominant instrumentals create, they step into a dimension not commonly entered by African artists.

It’s the age of mental health advocacy and being a pioneer, it comes as no surprise that Yinka decides to trek this path as his first release after a long while and in 2020.

Photo credit: Yinka (@niyiokeowostudio) | Joyce (@femi.johnson_)

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