Yinoluu Unlocks Blissful Oblivion On Soothing Five Track EP ‘Evening’

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Empowered by the reception gotten from the release of his debut project, Lost Files, Yinoluu, in a more personal setting, goes back to basics while balancing on the wheels of evolution as he champions his unique Electronic Pop sound on new sound and season eponymous EP, Evening.

Employing all the sonic weapons in his arsenal, he kicks things off with atmospheric chords and soft bass on Sunset which shadows softer techno on Balcony Breeze, a sweeping record that gives way to the whispery synths and rhythmic bass on titular, Evening.

His tempered sound has its own voice and its one that speaks majorly on serenity, ecstasy, and blissful oblivion.

Evening is the reality of a thousand and one of our experiences which Yinoluu marries with his distinctive sound poured into a whirling, intoxicating and mind roiling new style that makes room for him to play host to a range of emotions as well put a stamp on this sound that has now set him apart from his contemporaries in the industry.

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