Yinoluu Paints A Vivid Picture Of Sunsets On ‘Wine Down’

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Driven by an attentive ear and flair for refined and exquisite sounds, Yinoluu continues to bend standards set for Producers of his caliber and culture. On his last project, Lost Files, he introduced the world to the extent of his sonic strength which continues to appreciate. This week, along with the successful release of Lost Files, he’s charged by confidence on Wine Down, the second single off yet another upcoming EP titled Evening.

An embodiment of its title, Wine Down is soulful, seductive mid Pop instrumental that paints a vivid picture of a comedown eased by inebriations, an activity that is indeed signature to sunsets.

Like fine wine, Yinoluu’s atmospheric synths work their way into the core of his listeners, playing to his true intentions and the inspiration of the single and upcoming project itself.

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