M.I Attacks Nigerian Rappers With New Single

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When he deleted all his Instagram posts (like he did with his last project) I knew something was about to drop. I knew the Nigerian music scene was about to witness the genius of the African Rapper Number 1. True to my prophecy, Yung Denzel releases – You Rappers Should Fix Up Your Life, a wake up track aimed at the entire rap industry.

On the song, M.I speaks about retirement, stagnation of the industry, and the need for his return no matter the hiatus. He raps about no one being ready to take his place on the rap throne. All in 3 minutes. A recurrent factor in the song is his comparison to South African rapers saying

“y’all getting killed by the south, I guess I’m in this shit for life”

Rappers are singing now just to get popular “yuck”.

I’ve just been watching like I’m at the Opera.

I should have brought my binoculars

‘cos I don’t see nobody dope

I don’t see nobody great

I don’t see nobody serious about taking my place, yall should be slapped in your face.

This is your big homie telling you nigga’s to wake, wake, wake up and fix up your life.


It’s also funny though when we realise that while MI speaks about the Nigerian Industry, he must acknowledge his role in it. With lines like “y’all getting killed by the South” he suggests he’s not a part of the industry and perhaps bigger than some of South Africa’s rappers, something the evidence at hand might not support.

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