Young Nigerians Are Not Afraid To Tell Their Stories of Abuse

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Over the past day, Twitter has been dominated by stories from young Nigerian ladies who have found the bravery to step forward and tell their stories of sexual abuse.

Naming and shaming their abusers by narrating their ordeals either anonymously through submissions to a group of accounts on Twitter who have spearheaded the encounter or taking to their own Twitter accounts themselves, this is one of the greatest shows of bravery yet.

The past day has shown the lack of understanding of the concept of consent and the impact these abusers have had on their victims.

With the stories being told, it’s important we acknowledge the large numbers who have gone through such ordeals and offer our sincere support as they work towards reclaiming the night.

There have also been stories from some young men who recount their experiences being abused by other men. While it is great that all these stories have come to light, we remain hopeful that naming and shaming becomes only the first step in a chain of events that could allow victims to seek justice if they desire.

You can check out accounts like @Oluwasesi_ and @Beezus888 if you have any stories you want to share.

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