Your Guide to Attending Concerts this “Detty” December Powered by Hennessy Artistry

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Detty December is here again people! And with it comes all the dopest shows, concerts and parties. It is important to thoroughly enjoy yourself, so we’ve decided to give you the lowdown on how to have the utmost fun. This is also a good time to plan your wardrobe and ensure you have all the essentials for a fun filled night out.

Below are a list of things to note ;

  1. Dress Comfortably: The key to having fun in any concert is to ensure that you are actually dressed to have fun. Avoid tight clothes and heeled shoes that will restrict you from being able to Gbese, opt for free shirt dresses, denims , shorts and let your choice of footwear tilt towards sneakers and platforms.

 Here are three looks to help guide your wardrobe choices. Always note that the lighter the fabric, the better.

Look 1:  The girl-next-door and the guy who loves to look good effortlessly

Sneakers (think plimsolls and toms),

Khaki shorts and cotton top with a tote bag or a sling bag,

Your choice of bag is essential because while you need it to put your  money, phone, powerbank and ticket, you also need for it to “disappear” when it is time to throw your Zanku.

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Look 2; The Freakum Dress

That dress you bought, yes that dress, you can start the day with your sexy heels and as the day wears on replace with comfy sneakers or sandals.We will not deny you this annual occasion to be your version of Beyonce

My guys, I know Asos did a number on your accounts this past November, And while Denola Grey prim is not exactly your style, you have inspired your way to make it work for you. Silk looks great on you. Is that Paisley print shirt a Nigerian brand?  Loafers, sneakers, slip – ons? You choose. But if you must wear sandals, please moisturise your feet. WELL!

You know you will need a bag, think long straps and ability to keep your hands free. Ladies, this is not a clutch appropriate event, you don’t want to hurt your neighbour in an attempt to obey the MC and throw your hands up in the air!

Photo credit – Clarke Sanders on Unsplash

Look 3: The All-weather

This is for all the ladies and gentlemen whose first thoughts in picking an outfit is functionality. A pair of jeans, your favourite football club jersey, or your favourite t-shirt, and for the men depending on the event, your casual jacket. If you are into headgear, now is the time to dust them off.

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  1. Stay Online: It is important to have fun and take those selfie’s we know you love but it is important that when the artist you love comes on stage your phone is camera ready and fully charged to capture and share all the great experiences that will be happening on stage, we advise that you have a power bank to make sure you phone stays charged up. If not, how else can you trigger other people’s FOMO? Don’t forget to use the #HARTISTRY10 when sharing your experiences on social media.

  2. Accessorize simply and smartly: No need carrying that beautiful big bag or wearing heavy jewelry , there is absolutely no need. Concerts are usually very high energy and rowdy and the simpler you keep things,  the better. Replace the thought of carrying a hand bag with a fanny pack. This can be secured firmly around your waist or shoulder (Depending on your level of Alte) You can safely put your cellphones, ATM Cards and some cash in it.

  3. Hygiene: This is very key. Before you raise your hands to achieve those magical dance moves you have planned out, be sure to use a deodorant. The stronger the longer lasting. Consider it your PSR. Find some mint and have them in your fanny pack to keep your breath fresh. A face towel will also come in handy so you can wipe off the sweat and becomes multipurpose when you use it for the Pocolee leg work. Please note that Harmattan season is upon us, so grab that hand fan or that rechargeable fan and put it in your bag while you can…

  4. Money: Make sure that you have  some “vex” money  – yes, it means exactly that, if you are irritated with your date, you can either use the money to go solo, or if there is an electronic malfunction, you can come in and save the day. And if it is an event that is vexing you, you can either leave or buy more food, But I assure you won’t be spending that “vex” money  at the Hennessy Artistry Concert on the 14th of December.

  5. Drink Responsibly: Party and Hennessy – two things we love in Lagos, or wait we love something more and that is being responsible with Hennessy. While we want you to have fun, please grab your pen and take down a few “Don’ts”

  • Don’t drink and drive

  • Don’t drink and text

  • Don’t drink and call your ex

Please note that at the Hennessy Artistry concert, drinking is not imposed. If you must drink , please ensure that you do not drive , please get an uber.e

  1. Which brings us to our next tip. Lagos traffic is notorious. Fact. December traffic can be described as notorious on steroids. As much as possible let a ride-sharing company take you where you have to be, so that in case the matter is getting longer than you can handle, you kindly abandon ship with a sweet “Please can you end the trip”. Sorry to that driver.

Guess what?! There will be a 50% discount available using the code HARTISTRY10 from the 14th to 15th of December for rides to and from Federal Palace Hotel Balmoral convention centre, which is the venue of the Hennessy Artistry concert, courtesy the good people at Uber. So you don’t have to worry about  driving through Lagos traffic or finding parking, Uber has got you covered.

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