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Tis the season for concerts in Lagos! December, the month of festivities and also the month everyone in the diasporas tends to return home to enjoy the holiday with their families. Year in, year out, our favourite artists and organizers have taken adavtage of the month and filled it with a lot concerts and events and this year is no different. Here is a guide to getting the most out of your concert experience in 2018.


Yes patience! Patience is highly required for Lagos concerts and events in general. You will be needing a lot of patience and then some more to get through some concerts especially if you plan on going early or right on time. Some of you might know why and for those that don’t, just prepare yourselves.


Well this one goes without saying. A lot of concerts tend to sell out fast so you might have to get your tickets in advance or sometimes tickets could still be available at the concert venue. If you purchased your tickets online, be sure to print a copy of it or just simply have the ticket number handy when you get to the entrance of the venue.

Taxify/Uber Accounts

Finding parking spaces at concert venues tends to be a bit nightmarish to say the least. So if you feel you would not be able to deal with it, keep your Taxify and Uber accounts handy.

Comfortable Shoes and Clothing

If your goal is to let loose and have fun at the concert, comfort is quite paramount in getting there. So in essence, dress in whatever would give you the most comfort and enable you properly utilize your ticket money.

Personal Safety Essentials

In everything we do safety is always of major importance especially when we are going to be in crowed spaces for long hours. For concerts, organizers always provide security at venues but it does not hurt to have personal safety measures put in place just in case. You could take a can of pepper spray along with you or a Taser as long as you feel safe and free to have fun.

Fully Charged Phones with Enough Storage Space

If you plan on sharing your concert experience with your social media buddies or just simply recording your experience for the fun of it, you are going to need a fully charged phone, a power bank for back up and enough storage space on your phones. A fully charged phone is also necessary for communication purposes.

A Mind Clear of Expectations of Perfection

Lastly, In order to fully enjoy concert experience, you would have to completely let go of expectation of perfection from the artist and organisers. That way you just take the concert for what it is and enjoy it in all its splendor.


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