Yung6ix seeks a reckless life in Ina The Benz

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Yung6ix has had a pretty busy year with a string of releases to his credit, including hit singles; Shole assisted by Dammy Krane and Sinzu, Everything Gucci and fan favorite; Ina The BenzThe young MC doesn’t seem ready to come off his musical high yet as he comes through with the visuals for E-Kelly produced Ina The Benz.

The scenic visuals directed by SOS and complete with its own criminal plot finds Yung6ix rhyming his way through a villainous narrative starring himself and his muse and together, the duo plot, scheme and cause a ton of violence in South Africa rising from the calamitous feelings they have for each other.

Yung6ix’s artistic compulsion is admirable and if nothing, depicts his passion for his sound.


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