Zamir Makes A Love Themed Comeback On Odunsi (The Engine)-Assisted ‘Luv Hrts’

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A love-themed comeback is always a great way to go for musicians coming out of a hiatus. Rapper, Zamir, has been away for a while and today, he returns doing what he knows to do best on Luv Hrts, emotionally trapping in the briefest of verses charged with just enough bass synths to light a fire he claims his feelings for his muse, has set off in him.

Over high pitched electro synths produced by Tochi Bedford, Zamir details his muses preferences and how he’s going to address them with anime reference, rhymes, and assists from longtime friend and collaborator, Odunsi (The Engine), who lends his evolved off-kilter tempo to the former, for what we can comfortably term a trap fest.

The Trap Fusion sound is one that has fully settled in a niche in Lagos’s bubbling alte scene and while it’s not a fan favorite yet, artists like Zamir, with singles like Luv Hrts, are pushing it to the fore.

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