Zamir Is A Bloodhound On A Quest Around Lagos In Impressive Hate Video

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This year has been scanty musically for Zamir but one video in particular has caused a major stir since the moment its promo began. Things got heated after a private screening for select fans last weekend had them hinting at an unconventional and menacing aesthetic body of work. All of these and more are adequate descriptions of the video for Hate which serves as the first visual offering from his debut album; XXIII released late last year.

Hate which sits at the 4th spot of his debut album gets a visual interpretation of Zamir’s own version of the The Purge. The gritty scenes, blend of fantasy and grisly imagery to accompany his and Esojay’s menacing lyrics alluding their lives as dynamic rappers in Lagos are reminiscent of the American horror franchise.

With direction from Seun Opabisi, Zamir; a bloodhound on a quest in Lagos, brings meaning to GMK’s soundscape of sturdy synths and pads that exist as the perfect base for him to lay out lyrics that create a looming ambience.

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