Zarion Uti, Odunsi and Jilex Anderson team up on bouncy love ballad ‘Silent’

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Zarion Uti’s determination to ensure a proper saturation of his diverse sound grows stronger with every release. Coming from the teeming and unadulterated fan love gotten from his last record; YOU, the  versatile artist reinforces his growing presence in the industry with a percussion powered love ballad, Silent.

What’s most impressive about the Veen produced Silent is the manner in which he blends with two of Nigeria’s finest, Odunsi (The Engine), who relegates Production on the track to offer us his standard mood-inducing vocals and Jilex Anderson, popular for his Trap-Afrobeat hybrid. Together, the trio deliver a perfect mesh of love, heartbreak and good music.

Zarion Uti is consistent in his deliveries and with each release, he hoists himself further up the ladder – moves that are likely to culminate in a big break very soon if said consistency is maintained.

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