Zarion Uti Is A Passionate Lover on New Single ‘War’

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Love can often lead to unimaginable behavior and ultimately, the creation of a version of yourself you never dreamt of. In the same vein, it can create a feeling of calm and security that nothing and nobody else can deliver. These are the two tropes that run through Atlanta-based act Zarion Uti’s new single, War.

Singing “I no too sabi fight, but I no mind go to war for you” on the hook, Uti has morphed from the signal searching rockstar once hesitant to fully commit from his most recent solo drop to a loverboy who desires nothing but one woman’s attention and support as they both navigate the road to success.

The Telz produced song is a solid release to kickstart what will surely be a busy year, with a bevy of individual releases for the Empawa finalist.