Zarion Uti is All About Love on Debut EP, Zaradise EP

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Love is one of the most common topics explored in the music and while we consume it without thinking twice, not often do we receive whole projects where love is front and center throughout. Boj’s debut album, Magic was one of the times we saw it happen and on 19 year old Zarion Uti’s debut project, Zaradise EP, it’s a similar situation.

Opening with Do You Better, Zarion walks the listener through building his confidence as he works towards making propositions towards a love interest. He then moves on to making promises he can offer her a better worldview than her current man while articulating his feelings for her and the features that make her special.

Life of the Party, the standalone single in the buildup to the project is a cry to a lover about how much he needs her enthusiasm and wants to be there for her.

Things continue in the same direction on Murder when he captures a night out for most. He touches on setting eyes on a potential while out with his friends and plays up her looks as he makes his move on her.

Coffee & Cream featuring Ghanaian RJZ is an ode to the ladies with melanin as he makes promises and assures of his integrity while suggesting he isn’t worthy of her but asking for one chance to prove himself.

Paradise is yet another request for a chance as he argues he has what it takes to change her life. He seeks her company as he intends on making his way to happy place.

On the EP’s final track, Magic, Zarion is thankful for the support he has received and confident in his sauce. He’s prayerful and suggests he’s ready for what the future possibly holds and this is as distant from love as he comes on the EP.

While its at times repetitive, Zarion misses no marks on his debut project. In future though, it’d be great to have a wider range of topics take center stage.