Zilla Oaks Impresses On Sonically Charged Single, “More More”

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Zilla Oaks More More

Abuja-based rapper and performing artist Zilla Oaks has released his first single of the year titled More More, following the release of his joint project MMXXII EP and a roster of stellar features like Two Faced and IC3 with PsychoYP & Backroadgee in 2022. On this single, Zilla Oaks takes us on a journey of sublime flows and effortlessness in his unique sound as he merges his rap into high melodies that will surely keep your head bopping.

For More More, Zilla Oaks teams up with Apex Village producer KuddiisDead to deliver a solo track that stands out both in sonics and lyricism. Zilla tells his tale of hustling and striving while it all pays off. He terms the single as a manifestation of living the better days while he sings “hmm… I need more More, I need more more… Gucci Prada Fendi and Dior.”

When talking about the new single, the Abuja-based rapper says, “I made this song before I traveled to the tropics and it felt like I manifested it by just singing about it and I want everyone to be able to do that with this song; ask for more and work towards it.” Months ago, Zilla Oaks had teased More More with a video and had his listeners anticipating the release of new music.

Listen to More More below:

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