Zilla Oaks Connects Tochi Bedford, Prettyboy D-O, Mojo and Marv OTM on ‘No Conversate’

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As a member of the Abuja-developed collective Apex Village, Zilla Oaks understands the importance of pooling together for the collective benefit of the individuals involved. It’s been the approach he’s taken to his work of recent working with a bevy of artists including Dremo, Straffiti, Prettyboy D-O and Eeskay on his recent material. As he shares his latest single No Conversate, he again turns it into a party of some of the most interesting names in Nigerian hip-hop as he connects Tochi Bedford who produces the track with Prettyboy D-O, Mojo and fellow Apex Village member Marv OTM.

Throughout the verses we hear, it’s clear, these are a group of artists who are confident about their work and interested in no patronizing conversations that don’t give them their due. Prettyboy D-O touches on being comfortable in who he is while Marv articulates his belief in his gang being the hottest in the country. Zilla Oaks reiterates Marv’s position with some impressive wordplay along the way and Mojo closes the track focused on getting his money and ignoring those who want to be close enough to him but bring no value.


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