Zlatan Makes A Fierce Comeback On Bouncy Grit-Filled ‘Road To CDK’

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Not too long ago, Zlatan was everybody’s favorite street artist whose choices seemed to be a bottomless pot of gold constantly yielding enjoyable art. The past couple of months have proven otherwise though. Its been nothing but radio silence from the rapper meets singer but by all indications on his just-released album precursor, Road To CDK, his subdued presence is gaining strength.

Zlatan is merciless on Road To CDK. Against a bouncy synth instrumental, he offloads his stance on his haters and surviving in a dog eat dog world among other subjects. Verse by verse, he addresses the issues critical to his reception and that of the project. To give a full view of exactly how he feels, he takes this narrative to Akivated Studio where Amazing Klef films him in his element, as he mirrors Fela Anikulapo-Kuti antics in a bid to give credence to his performance, we get to see exactly where he’s headed; an attempt to fuse his virality with legendary status.


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