Spanish defender, Sergio Ramos is in the middle of a petition commotion, a petition seeking for him to be “punished”. Liverpool’s tailman Mohammad Salah got injured after an challenge from Ramos during the champions league final.

The organizer of the petition seems to think that Ramos deliberately injured Salah and he wants UEFA and FIFA to take action, so far the petition has gotten over 400,000 co signs.

The petition author, Mohamed Salah Abdel Hakeem wrote:

Sergio Ramos intentionally kept Mohamed Salah’s arm under his armpit, causing dislocation of his shoulder. Not only missing the rest of the game, but also missing the FIFA World Cup 2018

In addition he kept acting that Liverpool players fouled him falsely, causing the referee to give Manne a yellow card he did not deserve. “Sergio Ramos represents an awful example to future generations of football players. Instead of winning matches fairly, he uses tricks that defy the spirit of the game and fair play.

UEFA and FIFA should take measures against Ramos and similar players, using the video recordings of matches to keep the spirit of the game